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At the Halifax Chamber, we know small business.

We are bringing connection, information, and inspiration to this hybrid summit, on Thursday, October, 27 2022.

This year's theme is strategy and will involve an interactive planning session where small business owners will work together with the help of industry experts to build a tangible plan to grow businesses here in Halifax.


  • A small business owner/entrepreneur,

  • Looking to grow your business,

  • In need of a strategy expert to help enhance your goals,

  • Ready to take your business to the next level...


Last year, 97% of surveyed attendees said that the Summit helped them to identify a challenge or opportunity for their business and 98% said they would definitely attend again. 

  • "This event helped me to see where I am right on track and identify areas where I can improve. It also helped me to make connections for future opportunities." - Survey Respondent 

  • ​​"The summit was an excellent use of time. It was run very professionally despite everyone being out of practice for live events. It was good to see people in person again. Thank you for running a safe and timely event with great messaging." -  Survey Respondent 

  • ​"I had a fantastic time. Took a lot of notes and feedback to my teams. Handed out lots of business cards and was able to meet alot of individuals I have been working with and put a face to the name. 5/5."  - Survey Respondent 





CEO, Symplicity Designs

Matt Symes has a unique ability to bring clarity to chaos. He sees a path forward, helps businesses focus on what they do best, then finds even better ways to do it.


Matt is willing to say what others won’t and lean into conflict to get the best out of everyone in the room. He focuses on the realities facing businesses, even when they’re uncomfortable, and offers practical advice and tools for improvement. He cuts through the clutter to teach participants how to see the gaps, address the conflicts, and make their day-to-day operations tangibly better.

Business leaders in every sector turn to Matt for training and advice on how to scale up and navigate forward. He delivers clarity and relentlessly pushes clients to think bigger and achieve way more than they thought was possible.


Under Matt’s leadership, Symplicity Designs has supported 400+ companies and non-profit organizations through growth and crisis management over the past eight years.

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